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Beta Alumina (-Al2O3) Br...


Alpha Beta Alumina (- ...


Alpha Alumina (-AL2O3 ) ...

Alpha alumina brick is mainly on -AL2O3 Crystal phase with very compact organizational structure.+more

Magnesia Alumina Spinel Br...

Magnesia alumina spinel brick is made by high purity magnesia fused magnesia,fused spinel as raw ma...+more

Sintered Zircon Brick

Sintered zircon brick are manufactured with high quality natural zircon s over 63% ZrO2 content.+more

Chrome Corundum Brick

Chrome corundum brick is made by sintered or fused corundum+more

Cordierite Mullite Hollow ...

(1)Weight lose of about 35%0-50%the board bearing weight increase.(2)The energy saving effect is v...+more

Ceramic Fiber Vacuum Forme...

(1)Ceramic fiber vacuum formed shapes are made of high-quality ceramic fiber bulk by adopting the te...+more

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