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Henan Split is your first choice to purchase refractories manufacturers

source:Henan Lite Refractory Material Co.,Ltd  date:2015-01-07  number: Secondary

°°°°Currently, many factories and enterprises are inseparable from the production of refractory products to use, such as metallurgy, electric power, cement, glass, construction and other industries need to use such products, the application of refractory products more widely, it is the development trend of the industry, and soon will be sure to shine.

°°°°Henan Split is a professional production of high-tech enterprises of refractory products, with strong economic strength, complete production equipment, a number of patented products and core technologies, the company undertaking the overall masonry Mixer, ladle general contracting, vertical furnace general contracting, stove design, procurement and construction projects. The company produces a variety of refractory products, mainly light brick, brick, corundum mullite brick, micro corundum brick, high alumina brick furnace, refining slag, nano-ceramic wear-resistant castable, iron trough castable, environmental protection type no blisters mud, no water pressure into the mud, manganese-rich slag, Calcium compound deoxidizer, desulfurizer calcium aluminate, pre-melting-utility refining slag, is a research and development, production, sales and service as one professional-oriented enterprises. The company's technology strength, reliable product quality, first-class quality of service, is your choice for manufacturers to do the engineering and purchasing refractory products.

°°°°Everything needs Henan Bartlett committed refractories development and promotion, with the high quality services to meet our customers over the years has been recognized by our customers, we are here to look forward to more users for a better future.

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