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Henan Split for you on the practicality and feasibility of light brick

source:Henan Lite Refractory Material Co.,Ltd  date:2015-01-07  number: Secondary

°°°°Light brick building is a modern new building wall material, compared to the traditional brick material has a huge advantage, especially clay fired brick, not only the production process trouble in the production process of the resource consumption is very large, but also for the environment the pollution is quite serious, has gradually been eliminated, which also contributed to the rapid development of light brick industry.

°°°°Light brick is a very practical green wall building materials, but it also belongs to refractories, has good fire performance, the production of raw materials are inorganic, will not burn, low thermal conductivity, heat transfer slow, high temperature, can effectively resist fire, is a modern brick building ideal body firewall. Secondly, the product has good insulation properties, seismic effects, sound effects, anti-permeability, air permeability, resistance to stress than other bricks and other materials many times higher. In addition, the light brick relatively light weight, the equivalent of one-third of the ordinary fired brick, and therefore more convenient in the construction, greatly improve the efficiency of construction, from these various advantages, the light brick practical, modernization ideal building construction wall building materials.

°°°°Henan Split is a professional production of light brick, brick and other refractory products manufacturers, the company strength, advanced technology, product type complete, welcomed the new and old customers come to visit.

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